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Octopus - Daily Planner & Goal Setting Tracker

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Octopus is the Daily Planner and the ultimate goal-setting tracker for boosting productivity. It serves as your personal productivity wizard and daily organizer, helping you set and achieve your goals while providing the motivation you need to get things done. With Octopus Planner, you can build a smart life strategy, manage your time effectively, stay on top of your tasks, create to-do lists and checklists, track your habits, and even schedule online meetings in a calendar.

Day Planner

Become focused and organized with our daily planner and to-do lists.

Goal Setting

Start building your life goal strategy today with our goal setting wizard.

Habit Tracker

Track all your daily progress and build healthy habits in no time.

Moments Journal

Don't miss a moment. Take your self-care journal wherever you go.

Goal Discussions

Discuss your public goals and projects in smart and friendly circles.

Events & Calendar

Schedule the most important online and offline meetings in a calendar.

Organize Your Work & Life

8 smart tools to be productive

Progress is impossible without a clear direction. Octopus Planner & Goal Setting Tracker will help you explore your dreams and turn them into achievable life goals.

Prioritize and schedule your tasks to direct your focus effectively. Establish all your long-term Goals, incorporate necessary habits and routines. Streamline your daily tasks with the efficient workflow provided by Octopus Day Planner.

Don't wait! Make your dreams a reality!

Build Your Circles

Meet like-minded people, share your successes, and rise together as one conscious community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If you’re still having trouble, try reinstalling the app completely.

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